Absolute_Love_PublishingLast Friday Absolute Love Publishing Creator Caroline A. Shearer blogged about entrepreneurs and the min-e-book™ on The Synergistic Entrepreneur. The Synergistic Entrepreneur is Kate Neligan, contributing author to “Women Will Save the World!” 

On her blog, Caroline discusses how entrepreneurs can utilize the power of synergy to create a min-e-book™, embracing a higher and greater potential and success. Caroline offers her unique blend of inspiration and facts:

“Those of us who become entrepreneurs choose to do so because we enjoy the freedom of working for ourselves, of pursuing our passion however and whenever we want. But, we’re also making a business of it so it’s important for us to be innovating constantly, creating new avenues and outlets, and building onwards and upwards to our highest and greatest potential.”

Access the full blog article here.

Kate Neligan is founder and CEO of Mindful Media Entertainment LLC, a conscious media studio poised to elevate the collective consciousness of the planet through mindful movies and transformational television. For more about Kate, please visit www.synergytvnetwork.com.

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