Women_Will_Save_the_WorldHow Will Women Save the World?

Let us count the ways …

* This blog is part of Absolute Love Publishing’s ongoing series celebrating Women’s History Month and the book that honors women everywhere, “Women Will Save the World.”


Elizabeth Harper

“That first leap of faith took me on a journey that changed every aspect of my life.”

Elizabeth Harper is a popular and inspiring teacher, color intuitive, and psychic artist who saves the world by empowering others to realize their light. She is the author of “Wishing: How toFulfill Your Heart’s Desires,” founder of Sealed With Love LLC, and co-founder of Spiritual Living LLC. Each week she gives a uniquely revealing color reading on her globally featured segment, ColorScope.

In the book, “Women Will Save theWorld,” Elizabeth shares her journey of coming to America from England with little more than a wish and the conviction that her intuition, her inner GPS system, was guiding her to her highest and greatest good. She was mysteriously drawn to New York, where she discovered her career and love wishes would magically be fulfilled.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Elizabeth to find out what she has been up to recently.

ALP: In “Women Will Save the World” you shared how your feminine intuition has changed your life and also guided you to helping others. Since publication of the book, what has propelled you to continue saving the world in the ways that you do?

Elizabeth: “My soul propels me to share a little light-heartedness and humor in what can be a world filled with the heaviest of burdens. I make a point of listening to my heart every day. Its messages filter through my weekly Love Letters, ColorScope Show, and all of my different offerings. Saving the world begins with reaching into the hearts of my community. As a child I loved to read books inspired by the teachings of Silver Birch, spirit guide to Maurice Barbanell. One quote has stuck with me. He said that if you help just one soul during your lifetime then all of your life has been worth living. I share this important message in all of my healing workshops. We don’t know what will help someone, but we can start with a kind word, a show of support, or maybe a hug. This is our joint purpose, to help each other, to support each other, to love each other, and this will save the world for all of us.”

This month, Elizabeth is headed to Bermuda with her husband Win where they will be conducting sessions and workshops. They will also be appearing in Portland, Maine as keynote speakers at the Transform event hosted by Heartglow. Created by “Intuitive Parenting” author Deb Snyder, Heartglow is a charitable organization helping special needs family caregivers. Speakers are offering their services for free so that all proceeds go to support the charity.

Elizabeth Harper and Win Harper will be in Bermuda March 7th-11th at Spirit House. The Transform Event will be taking place in Portland the 23rd and 24th. For more information please visit http://www.sealedwithlove.com/ or http://www.heartglow.org/events.html.

For more essays and insights on feminine Intuition – and all of the other characteristics helping women to save the world – get your copy of “Women Will Save the World”. And be sure to check in to the ALP blog, as we will be bringing you more updates and profiles in honor of Women’s History Month!