Women_Will_Save_the_WorldHow Will Women Save the World?

Let us count the ways …

* This blog is part of Absolute Love Publishing’s ongoing series celebrating Women’s History Month and the book that honors women everywhere,”Women Will Save the World.” 


Kate Neligan

“It became apparent that to really embrace my mission, I would need to step into my greatness and let go of my old ego ways.”

Kate Neligan is the founder and CEO of Mindful Media Entertainment LLC and Synergy TV. Mindful Media is a conscious media studio poised to elevate the collective consciousness of the planet through mindful movies and transformational television. Synergy TV is an on demand and online channel that entertains, enlightens, and inspires.

In the book, “Women Will Save the World,” Kate describes her transition of becoming a trailblazer. By the time she was 31, Kate was the vice president of a major movie studio. She had climbed the corporate ladder, had manifested everything she thought she wanted, yet she felt unfulfilled. Then she realized she needed to forge a new path. She started her company while still working overtime at the movie studio. Synchronicity took over and in 2012 she was able to fully step into the role of entrepreneur.

We recently had the opportunity to coordinate an interview to see how she is saving the world lately.

  • She recently re-launched Synergy TV’s website SynergyTVNetwork.com.
  • She also started a unique movie-gifting service on Facebook called “GiftPlayLove.” It is an on demand service which features uplifting videos and a portion of the proceeds goes to selected charities. Short films are available to stream for 48 hours. Themes include acts of kindness, change, forgiveness, the afterlife, and peace in the Middle East. The idea is to gift these inspiring shorts in just a few simple steps: 1. Visit the Facebook Page 2. Watch the trailers for free 3. Rent short movies for yourself or gift them to friends. www.facebook.com/synergytv
  • Kate will also be launching Synergy TV’s first licensed feature film, “Vitality,” as a $4 VOD rental with a health and wellness theme

ALP: It sounds like you are breaking a lot of new ground lately! Please tell us more about what inspired you to start the “GiftPlayLove” service.

Kate: “The service was originally conceptualized to be a day brightener and then evolved into its deeper purpose which is to share love through stories. I’ve always felt like movies are great gifts and short films are rarely monetized and yet people share them all the time. I felt like there was a lot of potential for filmmakers to make money from these videos, especially since one of the first shorts we brought in had 2 million views on YouTube. And I love helping charities so I wanted to include the opportunity to raise money for them as well. I figured if we synergized with filmmakers and charities, we would all promote the inspirational stories and the service and create a triple win. I felt Facebook was the perfect platform because you can tell instantly if your friend or loved one is having a bad day and needs to be cheered up or if there is something that needs to be celebrated with a gift.”

ALP: Would you say that you used the Law of Attraction to accomplish this?

Kate: “I do use the Law of Attraction often and I make sure to set clear intentions. The roadblocks in creating GiftPlayLove amazed me. I was really questioning the whole project and if it would even launch. But, it was really in my heart to do it. It really became a matter of raising my vibration to the level of creation in order to manifest. I was treating the launch like a to-do list. But then I got clear that this is all about sharing love and I shifted and it finally launched.”

ALP: What is it that inspires you to save the world in the ways that you do?

Kate: “Raising humanity’s consciousness is one of my deepest desires. I ask myself, how can we synergize? We need to help each other and our planet. I feel that sometimes we lose sight of where we want to be in 10 years as a society because we are so focused on what we want right now. The truth is we need to think about our collective future, the other generations, and the legacy we leave behind. What kind of environment are we creating? Saving the world for me is really about creating sustainable systems people feel more comfortable living in and solutions that work. There is deep hurt going on in the world and we need to stop creating from our wounded places. Every little choice makes a difference. My goal with Synergy TV, and with all that I do, is to be inspired and to inspire others to make more conscious choices. In my Master’s program at USM, I learned from my mentor Dr. Ron Hulnick that ‘as we heal one issue, all of humanity moves forward.’”

For more essays and insights on feminine Trailblazing – and all of the other characteristics helping women to save the world – get your copy of “Women Will Save the World” by Caroline A. Shearer. And be sure to check in to the ALP blog, as we will be bringing you more updates, profiles, and inspirational quotes in honor of Women’s History Month!