I’m sitting in my neighborhood Coffee Bean this morning and thinking about the new month of November. I’m excited to practice even more mindfulness with a gratitude attitude … I glance up from my computer, and there it is – Really?! A Christmas tree! Already?!

This one image causes me to immediately stop what I was working on and start typing a reminder as much for myself as for you: It is okay not to be rushed or pushed through the holiday season that the passing of Halloween just heralded.

Let’s honor the Thanksgiving month and “give” it a full thirty days of love, gratitude, and thought. The rest of the holidays will come as they always do. So bask in the glow of gratitude, write or start a gratitude journal, and say, “thank you” with intention at every opportunity.

‘Til the next present thought encourages me to reach out to you.

Love & Blessings,