Women_Will_Save_the_World“It is the intuitive nature of all women that will guide the coming century.” — Gayle Newhouse, Women Will Save the World. 

These are prophetic words and very relevant as many of us feel the world will see a shift, this year particularly. For a very long time, the world has been dominated by the masculine nature. For many, it is time for a change. 

Gayle Newhouse, co-producer of the inspirational film “Tapping the Source,” writes about her experiences with feminine intuition, starting at the very young age of five. Gayle is a healer who believes in the power of the inner voice, or what she calls The Secret Place of the Most High. According to Gayle, true femininity is not about acting like men, or trying to be better than them. Instead, she advises “staying in a state of love.” This involves acknowledging and accepting femininity in all its forms, including intuition and inner wisdom. 

Although Gayle met with struggles in life, she also stayed true to her women’s intuition, and it guided her to profound happiness and success.

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