Jean Brannon held an author reading and book signing for her debut novel, Atlantis Writhing, at Tall Tales Bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia. Brannon is a licensed acupuncturist who was inspired to write this book when her beloved of thirteen years, Greg Hagin, passed away. She thought the best way to heal would be to write a book, so that is exactly what she did! As Brannon wrote, she started to heal and reclaim her life.

Atlantis Writhing is book one in the Highest Light series and was the bronze winner of the Coalition of Visionary Resources Visionary Awards. The COVR Visionary Awards are annual awards that feature the best books, music, electronic media, new products, and jewelry in the mind-body-spirit marketplace.

Atlantis Writhing is about a civilization trembling toward collapse and an unbreakable love between Elysia, a light ray missionary, and Alaric, a visiting dignitary with a scandalous past. The book touches upon many New Thought concepts such as the Law of Attraction and the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer, while also incorporating metaphysical concepts and Eastern mysticism.

An Amazon reviewer said, “Atlantis Writhing is a science fiction romance that will leave you craving for more.” With a mix of romance and metaphysical fantasy, any book lover will enjoy this thrilling and romantic read!

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