Middle school-age kids are raving about Janet Mclaughlin’s Different. The Absolute Love Publishing book centers on Izzy, a middle schooler who keeps a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome a secret because she’s afraid what other kids at school might think.

A youth reviewer from LitPick – a respected platform that facilitates tween and teen book reviews – describes Different as “an eye opening story [that] deals with the fact that many people have quirks that make them stand out.” This young reader explains that the book’s message of “what makes us stand out can make us special” is a prominent aspect of a moving, authentic story that inspires readers to believe that none of us are as different as we think we are. Kids are “learning a great deal” about living with Tourette Syndrome and the “chaos of every middle schooler’s life” through reading Different.

Excerpt from Different: “Tourette Syndrome is not easy on anyone. Not on the person who has it, her family, or her friends. Sometimes I wish I could cut open my head and pluck out whatever it is that makes me tic, call out, or obsess about, well, most everything. I know my parents love me. They tell me I’m special all the time. But I don’t want to be special. I want to be like everybody else. I want to be normal.”

Janet McLaughlin has written a story that all types of youth can relate to and enjoy. Buy it in print or e-book here: https://absolutelovepublishing.com/different/