Women_Will_Save_the_World“If we are all parts of a greater whole, we must believe that even the smallest single shift in consciousness has its effect.” — Dr. June Stinchfield, Women Will Save the World.

Dr. June is a depth psychologist whose work is centered on the truth and validity of the imagination. She gathers circles of women in order to realize the power of the feminine to heal the world.

Dr. June’s essay in “Women Will Save the World” focuses on the nurturing abilities that come naturally to women. She recalls performing volunteer work on a community garden near her home in New York. While she found it less romanticized than she anticipated, it is very important work nonetheless. “Like a small child with a dirty face and raggedy clothes, this garden needs me. I see its beauty, uncared for as it may be.” Dr. June inspires us to take care of our surroundings. Nurturing nature, and nurturing others, is a means of nurturing our own soul. 

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Did you know March is Women’s History Month? It’s a very special time for us as we will be celebrating all of the feminine virtues featured in “Women Will Save the World.” Be sure to stop in for updates on the ALP Blog as we check in with the contributors and discover all the ways they continue to save the world each and every day.