In honor of Women’s History Month, Absolute Love Publishing will again shine our light of love on some of the most authentic, intuitive, courageous, and inspiring women today.

acb45a_eb9afbe7577143289854539c43780947Our next feminine luminary is Elizabeth Harper, author of “365 Days of Angel Prayers” and contributor to “Women Will Save the World.”

As the founder of Sealed with Love and a psychic medium, Elizabeth Harper has always been aware of unseen realms, but over the last ten years she experienced an angelic awakening within herself. “Suddenly, I was inspired to create angel jewelry, my meditations were filled with angels, and in my artwork there were, and still are, angels everywhere,” said Harper. She even found herself intuitively guided to purchase the domain,

acb45a_6cefc4d6dc214b80ac9f15d604fe9cf6Harper knew this was a distinct message to continue her journey, with the angels leading the way. Elizabeth shared these angelically inspired thoughts with her Spiritual Living co-founder Cathleen O’Connor, and a plan was created. It took nine months of collaboration with Cathleen and 160 angel messengers from around the globe contributing prayers, poems, and stories to birth the book, “365 Days of Angel Prayers.” Upon its release, “365 Days of Angel Prayers” hit the top spot on the Amazon bestselling list and has stayed in the top 100 ever since.

Elizabeth ensconced the book cover with her own art – angel wings, a halo, and a divine, radiant light. She has dreamed about being an artist since she was 16 and says she is now reclaiming her soul purpose. “It’s never too late to follow your dream, and especially when a big group of angels is behind you.”acb45a_9e5825dc03b046f5b99479f3cd4004d6

Absolute Love Publishing commends Elizabeth Harper for embracing her celestially guided life and bestowing the world with angel prayers.

Visit Elizabeth Harper also may be contacted at, found on Twitter @livingwithheart, Spiritual Living on Pinterest, and 365 Days of Angel Prayers on Facebook. Check in today for daily prayers, book tours, upcoming retreats, and more!