Whether you’re brimming with excitement and your words are pouring out and onto the page or you’re fighting fear of the blank page with procrastination, beginnings are always full of emotion. Excitement and joy, however, are much easier for us to handle than fear. Recognizing fear can help us release it and move our work forward. When faced with a new project, typical fears include:

*Not being good enough. As MM Finck wrote, “The story would not have picked you if you couldn’t write it.” So, write it. Get it down. It may not be good enough yet, but a good edit can transform it into something better than you imagined. Trust us: The polishing and perfecting can come later – once the story is out of you and onto the page. Get it out.

*Not knowing where to start. Books don’t often get written in the order they’re read. Can’t get the ending scene out of your mind? Start there, and work backward. Resonating strongly with a flashback scene? Start writing. Order, like perfection, can come later.

*Not having anything new/worthy/exceptional to say. There has never been another you in all of recorded time. Yes, your work may touch on familiar issues or plot lines, but don’t mistake the familiar with the unexceptional. Any book you will ever write will come out of your unique experiences and perspective. Whatever it is you’re writing, it is worth hearing because you are writing it.

Once you recognize and identify the fear you’re facing, releasing it becomes less of a struggle and more of an opportunity for growth. Remember: Our emotions are always valuable teachers. Receive their wisdom and use it to propel yourself forward.

Until next time, with much love,


Sarah Hackley is the editor for Absolute Love Publishing and its imprint, Spirited Press. Through both, Sarah provides individualized, comprehensive editing services to authors seeking to bring light and inspiration to the world. A passionate believer that the written word can change lives, Sarah is deeply honored to be a part of these projects. She is the author of “Finding Happiness with Migraines: a Do It Yourself Guide,” a min-e-book™. Her most notable contributions with Absolute Love Publishing include the “Love Like God” books and “Women Will Save the World.”