Women_Will_Save_the_World“Today I choose to face life head on; I choose to experience every minute of it, both the sorrow and the joy.” — Donna Visocky, Women Will Save the World.

Donna Visocky is the founder of BellaSpark Productions and publisher of BellaSpark Magazine. BellaSpark is named her 21-year-old daughter Kristi who died in an automobile accident.

In her essay in “Women Will Save the World,” Donna shares a determined journey of feminine strength. Losing a child – or any loved one – is a devastation of unfathomable proportions. Sometimes we may think: “I could never make it through something like that.” We think that until the day we do. 

Donna’s story is about resilience, about picking up the pieces and creating something new from the grief. She started BellaSpark so that she could bring the messages of top spiritual visionaries and authors to others through events, workshops, and the magazine. In a world of so much hurt, Donna was able to reach for the light, and to share that “beautiful spark” with people all around the world.

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