Random Acts Of Kindness Week is here! While we strive to live a kind life every day, the designated week of February 12th through 18th is a great opportunity to saturate the world with extra love and kindness. May the 20 kindness ideas below inspire you to add an extra dollop of sweetness to the kind life you are already living:

Leave Post-It notes with positive and inspirational affirmations on mirrors in store changing rooms and gym dressing rooms to surprise, empower, and inspire others.

Offer to run an errand for someone who may be overwhelmed.

Call your city’s food bank and see when you can spend a day volunteering.

Smile and compliment the people you come across in your daily errands.

Borrow your child’s chalk (or pick up a box at the local bargain store) and write inspirational and sweet messages on your neighbor’s sidewalk.

Take your gently used books and magazines to the nearest senior center.

Buy the beverage for the person behind you in the drive thru line on your next coffee run.

Take any extra /old sheets and blankets to your local pet shelter.

Visit someone you know does not receive very many visitors.

Cook a meal or make a dessert for someone.

Write a handwritten note to someone you love.

Give thank you notes to your regular service providers.

Leave quarters in a laundry mat.

Donate used books to your local library.

Spend time showing the youngest little humans around you what kindness means through your actions and words.

If you sew or knit, get your craft on and create little hats with love for babies in a nearby hospital.

Pick up a $5.00 gift card and gift it to a person who looks like a little kindness will go a long way.

Surprise your office mates with small, lucky bamboo plants for their desks.

Send a batch of cookies to class with your child. (Tip: Be aware of any allergies in the classroom first.)

Give out “blessing bags” to the less fortunate you come across in your daily travels. (Blessing bag ideas: Large Ziploc bag with a pair of socks, chapstick, granola bar, trail mix, toothbrush, toothpaste, multi-purpose hand wipes, moisturizer, gum or mints)

Wishing you much love and kindness,
The Absolute Love Publishing Team

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