Women_Will_Save_the_World“Women are not just valuable to humanity, they are essential. For what is a world without a great mother?” — Kathleen Aston, Women Will Save the World. 

Kathleen Aston is a speaker, author, and mentor at Kathleen Aston International and founder of International Association of Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs.

In her essay in “Women Will Save the World,” she shares a tale full of woes. There was a time in Kathleen’s life when it seemed like things would never work out. Her husband had cancer, her son was plagued by a dangerous mental illness, and her company had failed. Everything was in ruins. Or so she thought. 

Kathleen’s story is one with a happy ending! And it is a story of love. She harnessed the power of the feminine and turned everything around. Kathleen writes about women merging “their feminine energy, which radiates nurturance, collaboration, compassion, and empathy, with a masculine energy to accomplish, protect, and get results.” For too long, women have been drawing solely on their masculine energies. It is time now to balance out the two for pure and perfect harmony. 

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