Women_Will_Save_the_WorldOn July 13, 2012 Caroline A. Shearer was invited to be interviewed on the Goddess Within, a segment of Authentic You radio, with host Valerie Elster. This particular episode was given the very special title, “Empowering Your Inner Goddess” and took inspiration from the goddess Venus. Most of the interview was focused on “Women Will Save the World,” the latest release from Absolute Love Publishing.

Caroline described her feelings about the process of creating the book, “Each new essay was healing a different part of myself. Every time something came in, I could really feel it and resonate with it.” 

Caroline also discussed why she chose to include historical profiles in a book comprised of personal essays written by modern women. “These women didn’t know how to save the world either; they just did what they were inherently blessed to do. We are all capable of saving the world in our own ways and in our own areas and in our own world, just like stepping into our natural feminine power.” 

Valerie and Caroline also talked about women’s natural gift of collaboration. “I’m blown away to see what everyday women can accomplish simply by coming together. It’s just a natural dynamic.” 

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