Dalai Lama Women Will Save the World“The world will be saved by the Western woman,” said the Dalai Lama in 2009. Little did anyone know those words would be an inspiration and guiding light behind Caroline A. Shearer’s book project, “Women Will Save the World.”

To some, his words may seem like an overwhelming task, a prophecy too huge to be fulfilled. Not so! Last week on Conscious Discussions Radio with Lillian Brummet, Caroline shared her thoughts and insights on what exactly this quote really means for women, the world, and humanity in general.

“Western women have an excellent opportunity to make a difference because of the position we have in the world,” Caroline said. “We have the platform to make the change, whatever it will take in order to save the world. I’m still incredibly intrigued by that statement. You may wonder if something dramatic will happen, some big event. But really it’s just how we are operating in our daily lives. You start to see the natural qualities we are bringing to the table simply by being who we are, by being authentic, by being ourselves.” 

Every woman can do her part by embracing the natural grace of femininity! To learn more, get your copy of “Women Will Save the World” today!