Women_Will_Save_the_World“Everyone – men and women alike – possess both feminine and masculine qualities, and we can all find joy and bring about peace working together.” – Dea Shandera, Women Will Save the World

Dea Shandera, a leading “Zen executive,” film producer, and media consultant certainly knows a thing or two about collaboration. In her essay, the third in Women Will Save the World, she describes her life’s work, which is organizing big groups of people who come together for a common project or goal, and who often possess a wide variety of personalities, opinions, and viewpoints. Not only that, but she also works in all ways with her life and business partner Brent Hunter. Dea has a knack for balancing the feminine and the masculine in her world which can certainly be applied to the rest of the world on a larger scale. 

In saving the world, it is so important for the feminine and masculine to be present and expressed in equal proportions. Caroline A. Shearer recently discussed this sentiment in an interview, “Right now we are coming back into our balance. If we look at the existence of even recent humanity, we’ve been in a masculine driven world, and now we need to pull it back into balance by bringing back the feminine qualities, by incorporating the feminine into our existence.” Collaboration – or working together in a state of peace and harmony – is just one of the many feminine qualities we can use to save the world. (To hear more from this interview, click here.)

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