Bestselling_author_writerIf you’ve recently finished a book, you are probably itching to share it with the world. You have read and re-read your own words so often, you can recite them, and you would really like another human being to bask in the glory of your creation. 

While it is possible to self-publish in a very short amount of time– with some programs, it is as simple as uploading a file to a website– you should consider hiring an editor before you hit that button. Self-publishing is not a task that should be undertaken by yourself. While the modern writer does tend to wear a lot of different hats, publishing is a process and should be handled with the help of a few well-chosen professionals. 

There are different types of editors out there, and their services vary in price. First, you want someone who can help you with the content of the piece. You can worry about line editing and proofreading later on in the process. You want someone who is going to help you develop your voice, as voice is the heart of any form of writing. 

This individual must be pretty special, as they will be trusted with a very delicate object. So, do your research. Get an idea of what editors out there are charging for their services. If someone comes in much lower or higher than average, you will know that is probably not a good sign. But price is really not as important as credibility. 

Pick a few editors that have worked on projects similar to yours, and follow them. On social media, of course. Otherwise, it could get a little awkward. Check to see if they’ve written blog posts on credible outlets. Read the works they have edited. Get a feel of who they are and what they have to offer.

Once you have settled on one or two, get in touch. Meeting in person is ideal, but not always possible. At best, you can have a conversation on the phone. See how your energies mesh. It will be obvious if you two are a good fit. And don’t be afraid to ask for a sample. Give them a test piece of your work and see how they do. Ask questions, and press for ideas. 

The right editor can take your work from being something that is great to something that is world-changing. It just takes some time and a little bit of chemistry. 

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