Be thankful for the kindness of strangers …

Today so many of us are wary of “strangers.” The word just sounds ominous. However, as adults with responsible senses and intuition, we generally can pick out which people are best to avoid and which we can be open to. In reality, most strangers are simply people we have not met yet, such as when a conversation is born over a mutually liked item in a store. During that conversation, you know you would really like this person if you kept chatting. Sometimes we walk through this door that has opened and exchange contact info with this person; other times, we leave the moment with a smile thinking how nice the experience was. Either way, our life was enriched by a stranger and we feel gratitude and happiness.

On a recent drizzly morning, I witnessed an ideal moment of giving and receiving gratitude: A man pulled up to a woman loading groceries into her car and let her know her car’s back tire was almost flat. She exclaimed, “I wondered what that noise was!” and thanked him.

This woman was undoubtedly full of gratitude that a stranger took a moment to care about her well-being on a cloudy, soggy day. The man must have felt thankful that he was present and able to help another person during his morning on-the-go.

Seeing this unfold, I was reminded that being in touch with our feelings and allowing our hearts to be open is a great way to invite gratitude opportunities into our lives.

So, keep your heart open, and look around for chances to give and/or receive the moments of gratitude that are waiting for you.


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