Women_Will_Save_the_World“Feminine strength, I’ve realized, isn’t about shutting ourselves off — it’s about letting the world in.” — Sarah Hackley, Women Will Save the World. 

Sarah Hackley is the editor for Absolute Love Publishing and its imprint, Spirited Press. An author, ghostwriter, freelance writer, and poet, she is a passionate believer that the written word can change lives. 

In “Women Will Save the World,” Sarah opens up about the painful trauma of losing her personal heroine, her mother. So long, her mode was to push through struggles and life’s tough patches by clamping down and pretending everything is all right. To compartmentalize feelings and move on. She did this for so long that she ran out of places to put it all away. Partly through therapy, and partly through a personal awakening, Sarah learns there is a better way of dealing with adversity.

“Past traumas are like old scars on tissue that never quite healed properly – they occasionally must be cut open, re-examined, and sutured anew,” she writes. Sarah’s essay is a soulful lesson on feminine strength — what it is, what it isn’t, and how it saves us all. 

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