Absolute Love Publishing is pleased to announce its latest release – “Preparing to Fly: Financial Freedom from Domestic Abuse” by Sarah Hackley. Available in digital formats and in paperback, “Preparing to Fly” is targeted to women who are in domestic abuse situations and haven’t left due to financial considerations.

Here is Absolute Love Publishing author Sarah Hackley holding a few copies of her brand new book!

Are financial worries keeping you stuck in an abusive or unhealthy relationship? Do you want to break free but don’t know how to make it work financially? Take charge with “Preparing to Fly,” a personal finance book for women who want to escape the relationships that are holding them back.

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What Others are Saying:

“As a survivor of spousal abuse, I wish I’d had access to a book like this when I was suffering and fearing how I would ever be able to leave my abuser. Hackley offers victims not only hope that they can escape the cycle of abuse, but also a plan to achieve it. … This book should be in every public library, doctor’s office, counseling center or clinic, and shelter where battered women and families can easily get their hands on it.”

– Kimberly Jayne, author of Take My Husband, Please and All the Innuendo, Half the Fact