For Domestic Violence Awareness Month and through the rest of 2015, Absolute Love Publishing is partnering with Enchanted Makeovers to provide a path of transformation for women rebuilding their lives in shelters!

For every copy of “Preparing to Fly: Financial Freedom from Domestic Abuse” sold through our website, Absolute Love Publishing will donate $5 to Enchanted Makeovers’ Sacred Sewing Room program. A Sacred Sewing Room is a healing gathering space in shelters, as well as an opportunity for women rebuilding their lives to learn new skills.

Enchanted Makeovers created this inspiring, empowering, and educational program for women living in shelters across the country, many of whom have battled domestic violence or sex trafficking, or are homeless female veterans. Women are empowered with a life skill that enables them to sew for their families and a new coping skill for self expression. It also opens doors to securing employment or earning money by selling their handmade treasures.

With your generous support, we hope to help Enchanted Makeovers continue empowering women across the nation. “The women are warriors,” said Enchanted Makeovers Founder Terry Grahl. “The women have taught me no one wants to be saved – we want someone to walk beside us.” And it is through a hands-on program like Sacred Sewing Room that we can provide that opportunity.

Absolute Love Publishing Founder Caroline A. Shearer said, “Often we see big issues like domestic violence or homelessness, and we don’t know what to do or how to help in a meaningful way. Enchanted Makeovers’ Sacred Sewing Room program is a heartfelt, educational, empowering, hands-on program, where we can trust we are making a difference.” 

She said, “My favorite part of this partnership is that copies of Preparing to Fly can be gifted to local shelters – so not only is that small purchase helping the nationwide Enchanted Makeovers program, it’s also helping local women find the courage to leave dangerous relationships and begin the process of rebuilding their lives.” 

Want to support this soul service to women? Here are three ways:

1. Buy a book for you: Empower yourself AND empower women in shelters, with our $5 gift to Enchanted Makeover’s Sacred Sewing Room

2. Buy a book for a friend: Empower someone you care about AND empower women in shelters, with our $5 gift to Enchanted Makeover’s Sacred Sewing Room

3. Gift a book to a shelter of your choice: Empower women in your local shelter AND empower women in nationwide shelters, with our $5 gift to Enchanted Makeover’s Sacred Sewing Room. Enter the shelter’s shipping information when you place your order, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Purchases must be made through our online store.