Women_Will_Save_the_World“Self-nurturing is a way of giving to, and receiving from ourselves.” — Lorelei Shellist, Women Will Save the World.

Lorelei Shellist is a former model, author of “Runway RunAway,” a spiritual psychologist, speaker, minister, and life coach. 

In “Women Will Save the World,” Lorelei writes about the feminine nature to nurture those around us. In fact, women often become so absorbed in helping others that they forget to take care of themselves. Lorelei speaks of her experiences in her relationship with Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark who lost his life young and tragically because of his dependencies on alcohol. 

Lorelei distinguishes “nurturing as a way of being feminine” as opposed to doing something in a way that is nurturing, which is a masculine quality. The balance of the two energies is a common theme throughout the book. Lorelei stresses the importance of taking care of ourselves, and offers guidance on how we can do so.

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