Finding_Happiness_with_MigrainesWe know many people experience migraines – and have reached out for help with them to no avail. There is hope! Absolute Love Publishing announces a new min-e-book™ that may provide the answer to living a happy life with, despite, or even because of your migraines!

Finding Happiness with Migraines: a Do It Yourself Guide, a min-e-book™

By Sarah Hackley

Sarah’s Five Steps to Finding Happiness with Migraines provide an actionable path to a new, happier way of living with migraines. A few of the tools you’ll learn:

  • Which yoga poses can help with a migraine attack
  • Why you should throw away your daily migraine journal
  • How do-it-yourself therapy can create positive change
  • Techniques to connect with your body and intuition

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