Raise_Your_VibrationOne of Absolute Love Publishing’s perpetual bestsellers is our original min-e-book™, “Raise Your Vibration: Tips and Tools for a High-Frequency Life.” This information-packed gem has appeared on Amazon bestseller lists every day since its release – lists like Mental & Spiritual Healing, New Thought, and Energy Healing – often right next to (and even ahead of) blockbuster titles such as “The Secret” and “You Can Heal Your Life.”

In a quick-to-read format, “Raise Your Vibration” provides practical, usable information on how mind, body, and spiritual vibration impact our life experiences. (We often hear from people that they like to refer back to it over and over as they practice the lessons.) “Raise Your Vibration” also helped launch follow-ups in Raise Your Financial Vibration and Raise Your Verbal Vibration.

Have you read “Raise Your Vibration” yet? We’d like to share some of its “most highlighted” quotes from Amazon readers:

“Typically, classical-style music vibrates at the highest frequency, and listening to it helps clear our auras and chakras and mindset.”

“Moving faster does not raise your vibration; being slower does. When we are in a centered, peaceful, “available” state, the vibration of all we are transforms to high energy.”

“Create white light in your mind. Imagine it coming down from heaven and surrounding you. Continually picture it brighter and whiter. Feel it coursing through your body. Take time to savor the feelings and absorb it as real. Allow the lightness of this vibration to fill your being.”

“When we operate at a higher vibration, we have positive thoughts, and we attract positive people and activities. We also attract synchronicities, which allow us to go with the flow of the universe and guide us on our highest and greatest path. We are also able to enjoy clearer intuition, peace, and happiness.”

“Listening to your ego brings your vibrations down; listening to your higher self brings your vibrations up.”

And a couple more notes and highlights:

“Notice I use ‘kind’ rather than ‘nice.’ Being taught to be nice is how many of us were raised, but being kind comes from a deeper, more meaningful place. Nice can be simply polite, and can spring from a place of ego, whereas kindness springs from the heart. When our actions and thoughts toward others spring from the heart, we feel more loving toward others and ourselves and are vibrating at a substantially higher level.”

“When you have a thought that lowers your vibration, be it a worry, a criticism, a fear, or a desire to gossip, turn it over to God (or the universe, angels, etc.) so that you release it. The more often you do this, the less often these thoughts will begin to form in the first place. If/when you struggle with this, remind yourself that a positive thought and a negative thought cannot share the same space.”

“Anyone who trades a half hour of news or news commentary before bedtime for a half hour of meditating, prayer, or sending the world love will see a profound difference in her or his well-being within a month. And that’s a promise.”

Are you ready to raise your vibration? What are you waiting for? Buy a copy of “Raise Your Vibration” today!