Start where the action is. A major difference between beginning writers and seasoned authors is knowledge on how to hook the reader immediately. Almost every submission we receive starts approximately three chapters deeper than the author first imagines. So, write that background, if it helps, but then delete, delete, delete (or move it to a separate file if you can’t bear to let go completely.) Hook us from page one, and you’ve (or we’ve) got a keeper!

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Sarah Hackley is the editor for Absolute Love Publishing and its imprint, Spirited Press. Through both, Sarah provides individualized, comprehensive editing services to authors seeking to bring light and inspiration to the world. A passionate believer that the written word can change lives, Sarah is deeply honored to be a part of these projects. She is the author of “Finding Happiness with Migraines: a Do It Yourself Guide,” a min-e-book™. Her most notable contributions with Absolute Love Publishing include the “Love Like God” books and “Women Will Save the World.”