Absolute Love Publishing is thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest Young Adult novel, “Haunted Echo” by Janet McLaughlin, who has crafted a destination mystery that will sweep readers away with its exotic locale, vibrant characters, paranormal adventure, and light romance. Haunted Echo is now available in digital and paperback formats from AmazonB&N.com, and the Absolute Love Publishing Store.

Young readers who get into mischief with their besties, adore a great read, or have dreamed of being an amateur sleuth will love “Haunted Echo”!

Sun, fun, and her toes in the sand. That’s what Zoey Christopher expects when she joins her best friend and fellow cheerleader Becca on an exotic Caribbean vacation. What she finds instead is a wannabe boyfriend, a voodoo doll, and Tempy – a tormented young ghost whose past is linked to the island grounds.

Zoey has always seen visions of the future, but when she arrives at St. Anthony’s Island to vacation among the jet set, she has her first encounter with a bona fide ghost. Forced to uncover the secret behind the girl’s untimely death, Zoey quickly realizes that trying to solve the case will place her in mortal danger. Shaken and confused by a menacing threat and by her budding feelings for the too-cute, too-nice Chris, will Zoey find a way to survive this vacation and put Tempy to rest?

“Haunted Echo” is the first novel in the Soul Sight Mysteries, with even more excitement and intrigue to come in future books as Zoey uses her intuitive abilities to solve mysteries while juggling the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. Purchase your copy of Absolute Love Publishing’s newest young adult novel, Haunted Echo, today!