Absolute_Love_PublishingullPage_Smaller.jpgOn Tuesday July 3, Caroline A. Shearer made a guest appearance on Awakening in Austin with Sara Blumenfeld. Aptly titled, “Write a Book, Share Your Message,” Shearer discussed the meaning behind the assisted self-publishing business. The force behind so much writing, what really lies at the core of it, is simply sharing a message with the world, in one form or another. Shearer describes the importance of this force, “Our message, whatever it is that we’re feeling, whatever it is that we’re wanting to share, that’s a huge part of why we are existing on this planet in the first place.” 

Shearer has also created Spirited Press, an imprint of Absolute Love Publishing which operates under similar principles, to help writers who want to share their message, at any point in their creative process. Coaching, editing, and marketing services are available for selection in a la carte fashion. Shearer truly believes that writing can be used to share messages which ultimately work for a higher good. “When we’re focused on what we have to share and where our joy is and how we can help others, it just really makes the world so much happier and makes us more fulfilled,” she said.