The Chakra Secret: What Your Body Is Telling You” now is available for Nook on B&!  Whether you are an expert in chakra knowledge, totally new to learning about your body’s primary energy centers, or somewhere in between, “The Chakra Secret: What Your Body Is Telling You” will impart healthful and insightful body wisdom. This min-e-book™ teaches you which body part is aligned with each of your seven main chakras and, most importantly, what that body part is trying to tell you.

“The Chakra Secret” goes the extra mile by providing readers with recipes for each chakra that are nourishing and yummy, created by Chef and Satiated Soul Coach Maria Schonder.Additional inspirational reader value found in “The Chakra Secret” is a special Foreword written by the founder of Sealed With Love Elizabeth Harper, which includes a chakra connecting exercise. Self-hypnosis meditation, affirmations, and yoga poses for each chakra also are included throughout the min-e-book™.

“The Chakra Secret provides wonderful insight on how we can take responsibility for our lives, living in choice instead of in reaction. And how we can live in balance and flow, trusting that all will be well …Throughout her min-e-book™, Michelle Hastie teaches how each energy center shares wisdom that correlates with your mental and emotional states and how that wisdom manifests in the physical body. And she explains how to tune into the chakras to find paths back to living naturally, freely and peacefully.” – Becca Chopra, Becca’s Inspirational Book Blog

“The Chakra Secret: What Your Body Is Telling You” is a wonderful companion to Hastie’s “The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less” and the woman-centered collaboration of “Women Will Save The World.”  Hastie is the founder of Total Body Health Solutions.