At Absolute Love Publishing, we believe in creating goodness in the world. This post is one of a series in which we’ve asked our authors to explain why they choose to align themselves with our publishing house and why they use their craft to create goodness …

Absolute Love Publishing Author Jennifer Farnham

I’ve always loved people … but from afar. I am an observer—the fly on the wall who hoards experiences, interactions, stories, and ideas. However, I also have taken my Bodhisattva Vow, making it my life’s mission to be of aid and service to all beings for as many lifetimes as it takes to end suffering. Therefore, I have had to find my own quiet path of doing so.

Words. Experiences. Ideas. What better way of relating and growing with people than with the use of these powerful tools?

Words have been my favorite tool since I was a small child writing poetry on napkins. Now, as a mother of five children, my world is surrounded with the purity, love, and sweetness of these tiny, blooming people who are learning their worlds and preserving their purity and sanctity as kind and compassionate individuals in a world where there are so many distractions.

Driven by my devotion to all people, as well as my unconditional love for my own children, I utilize the tool of words and write to instill what goodness I can into the world. I want nothing more than to help others see how it is possible for us to compose a more beautiful and loving reality, not only for my children but for all the children of the world.

Through words, I hope to touch the lives and hearts of children and their parents so that they also feel inspired to spread kindness and compassion to those they encounter and to take those small, yet powerful, steps closer to a more gentle and loving world. Though my work, I hope to illustrate to all that they already have the power to change the world for the better … they just have to wield it.

I’m so grateful to have found and to work with Absolute Love Publishing, a publishing house, with its own drive to spread goodness in the world through words, comprised of a group of incredible people who gather as one to share in this mission of love and kindness. I’m honored to be part of their family of altruistic writers.


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