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Susun Weed Endorses Women Will Save the World

Susun S Weed, author of “New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way,” has endorsed “Women Will Save the World!” “As an unabashed feminist, woman lover, and high priestess of the Goddess, I say ‘Hooray!’ for Caroline Shearer. Her book, this book, is poised to fulfill the Dalai Lama’s prediction that western women will save the world. How? Aha! You need this book. It is filled with role models from many countries and many eras to help you envision and create the changes this world needs. What are you waiting for? Change the world!” Susun is the author of several books on health and healing the “wise woman way.” In addition to writing, she is also in charge of training apprentices and coordinates the activities of the Wise Woman Center. She has a regular column in Sagewoman Magazine and also makes appearances on radio and television shows, including NPR and NBC News. For more information about Susun, please visit her website. To learn more about “Women Will Save theWorld,” visit the Absolute Love Publishing website, and also see our list of book projects, such as “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional...

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Women Will Save the World named a Good Read by Southern Writers

Southern Writers Magazine has named Women Will Save the World a Good Read in the May/June issue! Visit their website to order your copy today! To learn more about “Women Will Save the World,” visit the Absolute Love Publishing website, and also see our list of book projects, such as “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional...

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Caroline A. Shearer Appears on Jenny Craig’s Live Your Power Radio Show

On March 28, 2012 bestselling author and Absolute Love Publishing founder Caroline A. Shearer appeared as a guest on the Live Your Power radio show with Jenny Craig to talk about Women Will Save the World. During the interview, Caroline discussed the inspiration behind the book, the quote from the Dalai Lama, “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” She also shared some details about the creative process responsible for this remarkable collection.  When Jenny asked about the importance of a woman’s strength, Caroline said, “Women make the world go round, and we impact the world in more ways than we know simply by being our natural strong selves.” Women have the desire to make their environments better. They have a sense of what will improve things for humanity, and this is how they save the world. Caroline also shares some great tips, or “power tools,” for how women can learn to appreciate themselves and also a little bit about her own spiritual journey.  To learn more about “Women Will Save the World,” visit the Absolute Love Publishing website, and also see our list of book projects, such as “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional...

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Caroline A. Shearer Appears as Guest on Feminine Soul Radio with Vanessa Halloum

Bestselling author and Absolute Love Publishing founder Caroline A. Shearer made a guest appearance on Feminine Soul Radio with Vanessa Halloum to discuss Shearer’s latest book “Women Will Save the World.” Shearer commented on the collaborative nature of the creative process behind a book project of this magnitude. Shearer said, “I think so much of our power comes from collaboration, and from sharing with each other what we’ve learned. It’s an excellent way to reach people and share our feminine nature and share our feminine power with others and hopefully inspire them to do the same.”  She also described the domino effect that women saving the world will have. “Our strength comes from operating from where we are… It’s all of us making our worlds the best they can be.” The feminine acts of collaboration, creativity, and strength (among others) expand from there, to grow and create a larger and larger space of improvement until the whole world, and all of humanity within it, is changed for the better.  To learn more about “Women Will Save the World,” visit the Absolute Love Publishing website, and also see our list of book projects, such as “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional...

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Catrice M. Jackson for Women Will Save the World

“This wonderful book is going to transform the lives of women across the world”  -Catrice M. Jackson Check out this sweet video about Women Will Save the World! A live testimonial about the newest book from Absolute Love Publishing, Catrice M. Jackson shares the power of the modern-day woman.  “Yes, ladies, we will change the world. We’re doing it right now.” Thanks,...

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Janet Ong for Women Will Save the World

Janet Ong endorses Women Will Save the World: “Women Will Save the World is an insightful and inspiring read. I love how the stories used to illustrate feminine traits were woven together to show how women have and continue to shape our world for the better. The individual stories of these women help us see that our life’s challenges and lessons are the answer to our life’s purpose. The ‘I am’ affirmations for the feminine traits help us internalize that we are those affirmations,” said Ong. “Women tend to be self-critical, keeping them from seeing and experiencing their magnificence. The message in Women Will Save the World helps women embrace all of who they are, their good and self-perceived bad sides. Once we are able to embrace, accept, and love all of who we are, our feminine grace and life’s purpose will shine healing light out into the world.”  Janet Ong is a relationship coach for successful women. By sidestepping conventional relationship techniques and focusing on inner reflection, she has transformed her love life and is dedicated to helping others do the same. She has a vision for all successful women: “to create true love with ease and clarity.” To learn more about “Women Will Save theWorld,” visit the Absolute Love Publishing website, and also see our list of book projects, such as “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional...

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Author Marketing: Ten SEO Tips for Authors

Ten SEO Tips for Authors 1. Pick your keywords wisely. A mistake many authors make is using their own names, the name of their books, or the name of their publishing company as their website’s keywords. If people are searching for you, your book, or your publishing company, they will find you. After all, they already know who you are! Keywords reach the people who aren’t already familiar with you. Think like a customer. What would a customer search for that could lead to your book? Do you offer the “best spiritual books” or “inspirational fiction?” Do you offer “spiritual insights,” “books to change your life,” or perhaps “author services” or “book editing?” Look at your competitors and those you wish to emulate to see what keywords they use successfully. 2. Integrate keywords naturally. Forced writing with too many keywords is considered keyword stuffing. In addition to awkward reading (the last thing an author wants), search engines may downgrade your rank because of it. 3. Increase your inbound links. Has someone reviewed you? Have you been in a virtual book tour? Do you have a feature story on another website, or a guest post? What about endorsements? Do your best to get a link back to your site with each one of these, and look for other opportunities. Inbound links increase your rank and your credibility in search engine...

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Radio Interview with Barbara Joye on “Raise Your Vibration: Tips & Tools for a High Frequency Life”

“When we raise our vibration, we have a happier, smoother life and easier life lessons,” said bestselling author Caroline A. Shearer when discussing her min-e-book™, “Raise Your Vibration: Tips & Tools for a High Frequency Life.” She says our everyday lives are affected by our thoughts and actions and it is possible to change the level of vibrational activity that we operate on by ourselves, every day. “Everything is energy and we want to increase the positive vibration in our life and decrease the negative vibration in our life.” On the nationally syndicated radio show, “The Angelic Realm” with “The Shift Guru” Barbara Joye, Shearer was invited to speak about her new book “Raise Your Vibration: Tips & Tools for a High Frequency Life.” She says, “This will be different for everybody, such as to communicate with their angels or guides or bring in positive energy. It is a wonderful process we can continually work on, and this book introduces people to the idea of how to increase the good and decrease the negative process of this.”  “Raise Your Vibration: Tips & Tools for a High Frequency Life” is a brief read that gives tips, ideas, and affirmations for living in a higher frequency. The min-e-book™ focuses on helping bring to our awareness what may be causing us to live at lower frequencies. It then offers guidance on how...

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Radio Interview with “Lady Rerun” on “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love”

“It took several years of experience in my life before I realized that how most people show their love is not actually love, it is attachment or expectation, or other things—but not love, so I wanted to explore what happens if we had unconditional love for everyone and ourselves,” said bestselling author Caroline A. Shearer when discussing her books, “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love” and “Love Like God Companion Book.” On the online talk show, “Lady Rerun Show” hosted by Portia “Lady Rerun” Berry Allen, Shearer was invited to speak about the essence of “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love.” The book is a collection of essays from almost 40 luminaries from around the world. The essays celebrate varied backgrounds, and the individuals provide their own examples of how unconditional love was developed in their own life. “I wanted it to develop naturally, wanted the widest range of experiences in it that I could find, such as addictions, bulimia, serious lack of self-love, or problems with relationships. We all have different experiences and journeys,” Shearer said. Shearer published both “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love” and “Love Like God Companion Book” under Absolute Love Publishing, a company that she started in order to spread absolute love to the world through text. “Absolute Love Publishing was designed to publish books that are specifically promoting good in the world which...

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Radio interview with Shirley Mitchell on Aging Outside the Box

“There can be a lot of fear involved with loving,” said Caroline A. Shearer, when discussing her book, “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love.” When faced with an opportunity to love, we can choose to pull back, or “We can be stronger in our love in the face of fear. We can choose to embrace it instead.”  On “Aging Outside the Box,” a syndicated radio show with Shirley Mitchell, Shearer said of her motivation for creating the book: “I realized that what we call love is usually something else – an attachment, fondness, an expectation – but love in its true meaning is unconditional. We receive fulfillment from offering love, not from expecting to get anything back. This concept is hard for most, as it is not what society demonstrates and often not the way we were raised – but this book shows us how we can begin to love purely.”   “Love Like God” is a compilation of the stories of almost 40 luminaries from around the world. From varied backgrounds, these individuals describe the personal experiences that helped them develop the concept of unconditional love in their lives. “Love Like God” was created through Shearer’s Absolute Love Publishing. “I want to craft projects that are creating good and opening people’s hearts to love – for others, the world, and especially themselves. I feel so blessed and I...

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Writing Craft: Six Story Stoppers

Six Story Stoppers #6 Long, Dense Paragraphs: Readers have more options – and less time – than ever before. Long, dense paragraphs (think: little to no white space on the page) make reading a chore. Keep your paragraphs on the shorter side, and readers will feel like the pages turn themselves. #5 Unnecessary Details: Too many unnecessary details will bog down your story. Keep it light – fill in just enough detail to let your reader visualize the scene, but allow room for the imagination to fill in the gaps. #4 Lack of Description: This may sound like it contradicts story stopper number five, but the truth is that writers have to walk a fine line between boring their readers with too many details and hindering their story with too few. A lack of description can render it nearly impossible to visualize your scenes and your characters, and visualization is the key to getting “hooked” into a story. You don’t need to describe every booth or person in the diner, but make sure to highlight enough detail for the reader to form a picture of the scene. Think about the movies: Directors never focus on an item (like a book, or a seatbelt, or an apartment number) unless it’s important to the story itself. Figure out which things are integral to your story, and paint a picture with your...

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Writing Craft: Five Formatting Tips

Five Formatting Tips Sometimes, all it takes to make your article, essay, or story an easy and fun read is some simple reformatting. Too many characters on a page can easily overwhelm the reader, but too few characters or characters oddly spaced can be a problem as well. To keep your audience reading, follow these five tips: Break up long paragraphs. General rules state that a paragraph should be about three to five sentences long, but the exact number will depend on your writing style. Longer sentences typically mean fewer sentences per paragraph, and shorter sentences sometimes mean you can fit seven or eight in a paragraph. To figure out which paragraphs are too long, read over your piece for flow and watch for the places where you grow tired or confused. That’s usually where you need to break things up a bit more. Start a new paragraph with each piece of dialogue. You should start a new paragraph each time a different character speaks. It makes the conversation flow naturally, as if it were being heard. It also creates extra white space on the page, which makes the eye move quickly down the page and increases the readability of the piece. Use a single space after a period or colon. Once upon a time, two spaces after a period or colon was de rigueur, but now they only...

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Writing Craft: 15 Common Grammar and Usage Mistakes

Writer Editing How-To: 15 Common Grammar and Usage Mistakes After penning hundreds or thousands of words in a day toward creating your dream novel or non-fiction masterpiece, it is relatively easy for aspiring writers to lose track of some of the basics. But, making any of these common grammar or usage mistakes can cause even seasoned writers to appear unprofessional or lazy. To ensure an editor doesn’t toss your query, article, or manuscript before it’s even read, watch out for these 15 common mistakes: 1)      Confusing its and it’s. Its is possessive, like your. It’s is the conjunction for “it is.” 2)      Confusing your and you’re. Your is possessive. You’re is the conjunction for “you are.” 3)      Confusing there, their, and they’re. There is a place. Their is possessive. They’re is a conjunction for “they are.” 4)      Placing a period outside of a quotation mark. Periods and all end punctuation always go inside the closing quotation mark. Bestselling author Caroline Shearer says, “Today’s women aren’t breaking glass ceilings; we’re creating new buildings.” 5)      Using an apostrophe to make numbers or dates plural (e.g., 1970’s.) Correct usage is “1970s,” no apostrophe. 6)      Confusing then and than. Then references time (e.g., First, “Adventures of a Lightworker: Dead End Date” was published, and then “Love Like God” was published.) Than is used in comparison (e.g., “Publishing my book with Spirited Press was...

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Author Marketing: Virtual Book Tours for Authors

Virtual Book Tours are another marketing tool for authors to employ. Virtual book tours allow an author to appear in many online places at once or over a short period of time. For example, an author may want to appear on a different blog every day for two weeks, or to appear on ten blogs all in one day. The idea is that an author is generating “buzz” and excitement for her or his work. Authors may choose to 1. release excerpts of the book they are promoting, 2. answer questions from readers, 3. provide pre-written, interview-style materials, 4. conduct giveaways, 5. host chat sessions with fans, 6. have bloggers post reviews, and more. Experience has taught us that virtual book tours can be a lot of work so keep these tips in mind: 1. Plan to spend a lot of time prepping – for example, contacting bloggers to set up tour dates, providing requested materials, following up with bloggers and fans, etc. 2. Parcel out material. Instead of answering five long questions for each blogger, for example, answer one or two for each one. 3. Keep things fresh. Do your best to provide different materials to each blogger, while balancing your time needs. 4. Encourage a hop-along process, where one blogger refers to the next, who refers to the next. This helps both you and the bloggers, who...

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Writing Craft: When to Publish Your Book

Is Your Manuscript Ready for Publication? Here’s How to Tell.  Knowing when your story is finished is easy. There’s a sense of resolution, a feeling of satisfaction. The completion is almost magical. It is, at times, even spiritual. Knowing when it’s time to publish your book, however, is often an entirely different matter.  Preparing a manuscript for publication overwhelms most writers. They don’t know what steps to take, or what errors to look for and correct. With that thought in mind, we’ve put together a short list of signs that, taken together, usually mean your story is ready to be shared with the world.   Signs Your Manuscript is Publication Ready  Several different people (preferably not related to you), or a professional editor, have read your story and provided honest feedback on the actual content (i.e. storyline).   You have reviewed and revised your story with your readers’ or editor’s content comments in mind, and resubmitted the manuscript to your readers (or editor) for a final review.   Many different people (or a professional editor) have proofread your revised manuscript.  You have reread your printed manuscript at least 10 times and corrected all errors.  Your manuscript is formatted according to your publisher’s specifications.   Your manuscript’s word count falls within guidelines. You believe your manuscript is the best it can possibly be. This information provided by Absolute Love...

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