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Your Body Is More Than Meets The Eye

Ever wonder why you gain weight in a specific area? Do you experience symptoms that seem to have no cause? Can your body feel better than it currently does? In the min-e-book™ “The Chakra Secret: What Your Body Is Telling You,” top-ranked author Michelle Hastie explains our chakras, the seven main energy centers of the body, and their impact on our health. She walks us step by step through each chakra, detailing the part of our body that is aligned with that specific energy center. Learn to listen to your bodies wisdom and recognize the signs that can lead...

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Replace Old Thoughts With New Thoughts

Ready to feel body acceptance and release body image issues? Want to understand your body’s natural wisdom and reconfigure your subconscious weight programming for the “true you” in 2017? Discover a healthier inside that radiates to your outside with the “The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less.” Your thoughts and beliefs are immensely powerful. They create who you are, what you do, and what you have. If you can begin to separate out the beliefs that no longer serve you, especially those that aren’t even your beliefs to begin with, you will become successful and achieve the things...

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Haunted Echo Receives Rave Reviews!

Readers are loving “Haunted Echo,” the first book in Janet McLaughlin’s Young Adult series, the Soul Sight Mysteries! Described as “fun” and “well-crafted,” the book showcases McLaughlin’s love of mysteries and the mystical and easily entertains. Check out what others are saying about this ‘tween paranormal destination mystery: “Haunted Echo is a fun exploration of the psychic & paranormal worlds that will have you hooked from the first chapter! Love, ghosts, an island …. who could want for more?” Tiffany Johnson, Psychic-Medium, as seen on A&E’s Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal “I loved this book. So you know...

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Steve Schatz Author Q&A

Steve Schatz, author of the YA fantasy adventures “Adima Rising” and “Adima Returning,” recently sat down to chat characters, writing, and more with the U.K.’s Library Of Erana blog. Here’s what he had to say about the Adima message and his top tip for new writers. Are your characters based on real people? Not specifically. I use pieces from everywhere to grow the characters. I listen to a lot of comics (Louie C.K., Sarah Silverman, Eddie Izzard, Margaret Cho, and others). I remember particularly pithy remarks. I steal character traits from people I like and don’t like. That’s how...

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New Release! Young Adult Mystery Haunted Echo

Absolute Love Publishing is thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest Young Adult novel, “Haunted Echo” by Janet McLaughlin, who has crafted a destination mystery that will sweep readers away with its exotic locale, vibrant characters, paranormal adventure, and light romance. Haunted Echo is now available in digital and paperback formats from Amazon, B&, and the Absolute Love Publishing Store. Young readers who get into mischief with their besties, adore a great read, or have dreamed of being an amateur sleuth will love “Haunted Echo”! Sun, fun, and her toes in the sand. That’s what Zoey Christopher expects when she joins her best...

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Now available for Nook! Adima Rising by Steve Schatz

Adima Rising, a Young Adult novel by Steve Schatz, is now available in Nook format, in addition to a previously released paperback version at B& and both digital and paperback formats on Amazon and in the Absolute Love Publishing store. The first adventure in The Adima Chronicles, Adima Rising now can be easily downloaded on your Nook for Thanksgiving vacation. If you are looking for a timeless fantasy adventure that has wit and wisdom, this debut young adult novel is perfect. Guided by a timeless Native American spirit, four teenagers from a small New Mexico town discover they have...

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Now available for Nook! “Preparing to Fly” by Sarah Hackley

“Preparing to Fly” by Sarah Hackley is now available in Nook format, in addition to a previously released paperback version at B& and both digital and paperback formats on Amazon and in the Absolute Love Publishing store. Drawing on personal experiences and nearly a decade of financial expertise, Sarah Hackley walks readers step-by-step through empowering plans and tools to help them leave unhealthy and abusive relationships. Figure out how much money it will take to leave your current living situation and see how much you’ll need to live on your own by Learning What You Have Making An Asset...

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Raise Your Financial Vibration: Attract Harmony, Joy, & Abundance

In raising our financial vibration, one of the main principles is, “We are not separate from the money. The money is ours already,” said Caroline A. Shearer on the Wealthy Wednesday show with host Luci McMonagle. Rather than trying to create it, “We have to learn how to claim it.” Shearer said while the Law of Attraction is about attracting in, “being the vibration is actually a more important part of that. We have to resonate at the level of what we want.” She said it is important to recognize, analyze, and heal any financial fears we have. “When we start to...

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Taking Charge of Your Wealth Signature

Did you know? You have a wealth signature! But, before you grab a piece of paper and try a fancy new way of signing your name, this is not the same signature we use for our electronic documents, texts, emails, paperwork, and personal notes. This is an invisible and potent energetic signature directly connected to your financial well-being. Your wealth signature can range from riches to poverty and is created by every financial experience and belief you have been exposed to in this life and in other lives. Whatever financial situation you are experiencing, it is because that is...

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When You Find Your Joy, You Find Your Strength

When we feel sick and weak, we often believe we are sick and weak, said Sarah Hackley, author of the min-e-book™ Finding Happiness with Migraines: A Do It Yourself Guide, in a post on Migraine Again. Hackley says our self-image changes, and – with it – our self-esteem. This is especially true when migraine disease is chronic or intractable, and the attacks frequent. Here is an excerpt from her uplifting article on thriving despite migraines: You’re Stronger Than You Feel Right Now This belief that we are the way we feel is a false one, however, and it’s one...

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Steve Schatz Shares Writing Wisdom on Waking Writer

Steve Schatz, the Absolute Love Publishing author of Adima Rising, recently appeared on Berneta L. Haynes’ Waking Writer to discuss the art and business of writing, including how he structures his creative process and why editing is so important. Here is a sample of the interview: Do you work to an outline or plot sketch, or do you prefer to let a general idea guide your writing? Steve: I chart out some parts, but the book usually starts with an idea…just a flicker of an idea and grows out in little pieces. Then I start to string those together....

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Sacral Chakra Recipe from “The Chakra Secret”

Absolute Love Publishing author Michelle Hastie “dished” about specially crafted recipes designed to nourish and strengthen our energy centers when discussing her min-e-book™, “The Chakra Secret: What Your Body Is Telling You” on Love, Liberty, and Lip Gloss with Donna Lyons. Hastie described these recipes as “one more tool to try, to see how you can help influence the body to do what it does perfectly.” Here is a sneak peek! Sacral Chakra Recipe by Chef Maria Schonder The sacral chakra is supported by water and, when balanced, keeps us juicy (at least that’s how I think of it!)...

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ALP Author Sarah Hackley Featured as “Blogger We Love”

Colorado Pain featured Absolute Love Publishing author Sarah Hackley as a “Blogger We Love” and described her posts as “honest and straightforward, but with a healthy dose of positivity.” Through her empowering quick read min-e-book™ “Finding Happiness With Migraines: A Do-It- Yourself Guide” Sarah Hackley “gives permission for you to let go of all the unnecessary things in your life, so that you can save your energy and attention for what really matters.” says Colorado Pain. This, as it turns out, is sage advice for everyone. Sarah says, “No matter what stage of illness we are in, whether we’ve...

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Step into Your Personal Power

It would be easy to assume that excess weight is simply a result of eating too much and moving too little. It would be quite simple: eat a little less, move a little more, lose a little weight. But we aren’t simple, are we? We are complex human beings. We have feelings and emotions. We have stressors and fears. We have doubts and unknowns. Our bodies process all of these things, and for some of us, it shows up as weight gain. In the book, “Heal Your Body,” we learn that excess weight is caused by “Oversensitivity. Often represents fear...

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“Magnetize the Masculine by Honoring the Feminine” on Love For Successful Women

Caroline A. Shearer, creator of Women Will Save the World, shares her perspective on honoring the feminine within, in “Magnetize the Masculine by Honoring the Feminine” on Love for Successful Women. “To experience more love in our lives … we want to shift this ‘Go get ‘em’ energy to one of receptivity. Instead of trying to go after attention, we magnetize it,” she wrote.”When we step fully into the feminine, we then begin to magnetize men who are embracing their masculine sides – a perfect balance of our energies. This means not only are we attracting potential partners, but...

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